February 7, 2022

Best Online Ayurvedic Treatment

Best Online Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is an Indian ancient holistic healing system practiced for thousands of years. Ayurveda is based on the principle -prevention is better than cure. Ayurvedic medicines and treatments depend on maintaining a balance between mind, body, and soul.

What is the Ayurvedic Treatment?

According to Charaka Samhitha, ayurveda believes that humans are made of a combination of five elements: air(vayu), water(jala), fire(agni), earth(bhoomi), and space(ether). The combination of 5 elements in the body forms prakriti and creates three energy forms or life forces, also called doshas namely, vata, kapha, pitta. Every human is a unique mix of these three doshas generally inherited genetically. Out of the three, one dosha is prominent in every human being which defines the Prakriti. 

The natural flow of vital energy (prana) is interrupted by imbalanced dosha, impairing digestion in the body and causing diseases. 

The vata dosha is formed with the combination of air and space. It controls the movement of the body. It is responsible for breathing, circulation, and cell division. People with vata dosha show characteristics such as sharp, thin, and fast, and are susceptible to anxiety, dry skin, and constipation.

The kapha dosha is formed with the combination of earth and water. Kapha is responsible for immunity, growth, and strength. People with Kapha dosha exhibit characteristics such as calmness, solid body frame, susceptibility to diabetes, obesity, sinus congestion.

The pitta dosha is formed with a combination of water and fire. Pitta controls hormones and the digestive system of the human body. People with pitta dosha are fierce personalities, susceptible to heart disease, stomach ulcers, inflammation, heartburn, and arthritis.

Ayurvedic Assessment

The ayurvedic practitioner makes an initial assessment through a detailed set of questions about symptoms, diet, lifestyle. The initial exam also includes pulse testing, tongue testing, and understanding the underlying Prakriti of the person. The appearance of the eyes, skin, lips, and nails, is examined to understand the prakriti and symptoms. 

After the assessment, the practitioner will determine your unique balance of doshas. One dosha is usually dominant and may be imbalanced. 

Treatment Plans

After assessing the situation, ayurvedic treatment starts with purification or detoxification therapy. The detoxification process cleanses the body and improves digestion in the body that balances the 3 doshas to a greater extent.

An individual, customized medication plan of treatment is prescribed by the practitioner including diet, exercise, herbs, yoga, meditation, and massage. These medications help in restoring the balance of the three doshas.

  • Dietary changes: A diet plan is usually prescribed along with medication as per the predominant dosha of the person and some foods are asked not to be consumed. One has to remember that food eaten like medicine keeps the body fit. 
  • Purification and detoxification: Ayurvedic purification process includes procedures like Snehana(medication application), Swedana (herbal steaming), and Shodhana(purification). This involved fasting, enemas, diets, and body treatments.
  • Herbal medicines and preparations: Topical Ayurvedic Herbal Applications and rasayanas are prescribed. 
  • Yoga – Meditation and Exercise: As Ayurveda focuses on completely curing the system than treating the symptoms, customized meditation and yogasanas are designed to balance the doshas.
  • Massage and body treatments: Ayurvedic massages not only rejuvenate the body, reduces body pain and relax the mind. Usually, treatments include oil abhyanga, shirodhara, panchakarma. Treatments involve a stream of warm herb-infused oil massaged on the affected area. 
  • Herbal tea: A personalized tea may be formulated for you to drink daily, based on your prakrtiti and dosha. 

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