Best Online Live Yoga Classes Near Me

Yoga exercising has become an essential modality to heal most health issues. 

Yoga is performed to increase immunity, improve health, and to live longer. Yogasanas are not simply a set of exercises.

Yoga is for body, mind, and soul. Performing yoga brings equilibrium between body, mind, and soul in turn helping individuals to attain physical well-being. 

Yogasansas for everyone through live classes

Yogasanas are for everyone. Yoga exercises improve physical strength and flexibility along with mental well-being. 

Yoga is not just another aerobic exercise. It includes physical activities, controlling mental state, and breathing patterns. Yoga meditation accompanies by yogasanas have proven greater results in healing physical health issues. 

Performed in presence of a yoga trainer helps to correct the mistakes during yoga exercises. 

In today’s technology-driven life, people are more and more following online learning trends. Every individual can take advantage of this and learn yoga for personal well-being.

Yoga is for everyone. The same holds good with online yoga classes. Simple yoga exercises include breathing exercises, Surya namaskar (sun salutation) to name a few. There are around 100 yoga asanas to strengthen various body patterns.

Online Yoga sessions can be performed in the following scenarios. 

  • Yoga for Kids – Yoga can be performed by kids of age 7 and above for mental strength, memory power, and physical well-being. It also improves the concentration of kids
  • Yoga for relaxation and stress relief – Stress and anxiety have become part and parcel of life due to fast-paced life. Yoga
  • Yoga for building physical strength and flexibility – Yoga asanas performed with pranayama and meditation reduce stress levels and helps individuals to control the mind and actions. 
  • Yoga for weight loss – Weight loss is a serious condition that poses major health risks if not treated in time. Vinyasa (power ) yoga builds heat in the body and improves digestion and reduces body weight.
  • Yoga for prenatal and postnatal – for the pregnant ladies to maintain their physical posture and maintain mental and hormonal balance.
  • Yoga to improve Metabolism and Gut health – 
  • Yoga for beginners – In our online yoga classes, trainers teach basic yoga postures for complete beginners who can start and practice the yoga asanas and master them. These asanas as usually for building physical strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga for back pain, tight neck, and shoulders – Most of us use computers, mobiles, and gadgets during our working hours. This causes back pain, tightened neck and shoulders. Flexibility yoga asanas help reduce the pain by stretching muscles and reducing the further damage of muscular tissues.
  • Yoga to heal diseases – One can go through online yoga classes for ailments like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Menstrual Disorders, Mental Disorders, Skin Problems, Respiration Disorders, Asthma, Back Problems, Headache, Stress, Obesity, etc.

Who can practice Yoga Exercises?

Everyone is allowed to practice yogasanas irrespective of age and fitness level. Most of the asanas are gentle and soothing to the body and mind. It improves mind control and tranquility in oneself.

Who Should Avoid Yoga Workouts?

Individuals with major illnesses, fractures, or sprains are advised to not perform any kind of yoga exercises. Patients who have undergone surgeries are restricted to perform Yoga for at least 60 days and are advised to resume exercising only after consulting their physician. 

Benefits of Yoga exercises

• Increases mind control – Yogasanas operate on both body and mind. Yoga induces mindfulness and develops self-love that helps in controlling food intake and in turn controlling the body weight.

• Corrects posture – Yoga helps in correcting the body postures by stretching asanas. Working long hours sitting or standing in a similar position adversely affects the spinal cord making people tired. Practicing yoga poses helps in improving body posture and reduces neck, back, and leg pain.

• Reduces stress and anxiety – Yoga performed along with meditation calms down the mind and spirit and makes people become enlightened and develop a delighted, positive outlook towards life. 

• Increases flexibility and muscle strength – Performing yoga asanas routinely help bring flexibility in the body and youthfulness.

• Improves metabolism – Yoga along with an ayurvedic nutrient diet improves metabolism, and increases vitality, and keeps the body fit. 

• Helps in reducing blood sugar – Yogasanas are performed with a healthy diet, which helps reducing blood sugar in the body, lowers cholesterol. The body stops resisting insulin and reducing blood sugar or glucose in the body.

• Improved blood flow – Yoga exercises relax the body and improve blood flow, blood pumping to the heart and keep the heart in good health.

• Keep diseases away – Yoga practices boost the immunity system and act as a guard to fight various diseases.

• Improves respiratory functionality- Yogic breathing exercises help lung capacity and keep at bay from respiratory issues.

• Helps in better sleep patterns – It is difficult to lose weight if one suffers from sleeplessness and disturbed sleeping patterns. Yoga reduces stress and regulates deep sleep.

Online Yoga Classes at Naitri

At Naitri, we are a group of BAMS physicians, nutritionists, and yoga trainers who professionally handle any illness by treating the route cause and not just symptoms. Our highly qualified yoga trainers conduct online yoga classes to help individuals heal faster. 

How Online Yoga Therapy Consultation Works?

Online Yoga classes take 4 steps to get started.

  1. Fill out the basic information and start a class.
  2. Through the allotted time slot enter the online session
  3. Consult the trainer and start the classes
  4. Continue with the classes for a stipulated period of time. 

Once the class is fixed with Naitri, individuals can join the yoga classes as per your requirement. Daily an hour of class is conducted and attending regularly benefits mostly. 

Main features of yoga classes

  • Yoga integrates physical, mental, and spiritual elements for fitness and flexibility and well-being.
  • Yoga classes include Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Power (Vinyasa) Yoga.
  • Yoga includes Classical Pranayama & Meditation for stress relief.
  • To achieve the flexibility to perform and practice complex yoga postures.

Why Choose Naitri Online Yoga Classes

  1. Highly qualified Yoga Trainers – We have a team of professional trainers with a 95% success rate in healing any ailments or improving physical flexibility.
  2. Attend class at your convenient time – live Yoga online classes can be attended from your home at your convenience with high-quality technical support.
  3. Yoga trainers can provide personal attention – Personal attention to every individual is given by the trainer during yoga classes to practice the correct yoga posture. 
  4. Information confidentiality- Every individual’s information is maintained 100% confidential. 
  5. Cost-effective yoga classes – Online yoga classes are cost-effective compared to center visits. 
  6. Saves time – Online yoga classes are hassle-free and saves a lot of time.

At Naitri, we conduct classes of 1-hour duration for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday on multiple time slots. Individuals can consult and book their online sessions based on their convenient time.