It is well established that most of chronic diseases are caused by

  • tobacco and alcohol use
  • unhealthy dietary choices
  • inadequate physical activity
  • poor management of chronic psychological stress

Nevertheless, the good news is the majority of chronic diseases could be reversed or prevented by healthy lifestyle interventions.

A healthy lifestyle plays a more dominant role throughout our lifespan than genetics, age, and gender.

Lifestyle interventions comprise a nutritious diet, physical exercises, stress management, and a happy social environment.

The ultimate goal of lifestyle interventions is to reverse chronic diseases without prolonged medication.

At Naitri, we have lifestyle intervention programs that heals the body; sans medicines, with appropriate  lifestyle intervention .

Nutrition Counseling

Did you know what we eat is the primary medicine for our body?  Eating healthy food is benefitted by the body.

Whom are we feeding? We feed our Cells, our Selves, and our Souls. Let’s feed ourself healthy and nutritious food rather than unwanted junk!!

At Naitri get your body composition done and get nutrition counseling for a proper healthy diet. Our nutrition charts are based on the principles – Eat Food, Not Too Much, and Mostly Plants. Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.


Along with nutritious healthy food, one has to be active and keep moving to improve the metabolism. Practicing yoga not only makes the body flexible, but also brings equilibrium between body, mind, and soul to achieve a healthy life.


Physical activity is another important pillar of good health. Being active improves metabolism and health to a great extent.  Are you overweight and fighting obesity? Zumba aerobics helps in fastening the process of reducing weight. Our experienced Zumba trainers would help you fight obesity.

Psychological Counseling

Stress and depression are the most common reasons behind poor health. Stress is caused due to various reasons like work pressure, relationship issues, adolescence, and insecurities to name a few.

Our stress counselors help you get a grip of your emotions and help you induce happy emotions and determination to follow lifestyle interventions to achieve a healthy body, mind, and soul.


Are you suffering from an injury or recovering from accidents?

Physiotherapists focus on both prevention and rehabilitation. Treatment can be for problems caused by injury, disease, or disability.

Surprise your body with lifestyle interventions resulting in decreased Cholesterol, reduced hypertension, Blood sugar normalized, Prediabetes to normal, Decreased inflammation, and Less pain.