Treatments for Vitiligo and Psoriasis in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo and psoriasis starts with purification or detoxification therapy. The detoxification process cleanses the body and improves digestion in the body that balances the 3 doshas to a greater extent.

At Natri, our highly professional and qualified BAMS doctors follow the below measures to treat vitiligo and psoriasis patients depending upon the diagnosis. 

  • Ayurvedic purification process including procedures like Snehana(medication application), Swedana (herbal steaming), and Shodhana(purification).
  • Topical Ayurvedic Herbal Applications are prescribed to apply lepas (paste) made of herbal medicines which revive the skin.
  • Ayurvedic Rasayanas and Supplements are prescribed by ayurvedic doctors.
  • Ayurvedic Diet Recommendations are charted along with nutritionists to follow a healthy diet.
  • Ayurvedic doctors recommend yoga asanas in treating vitiligo. At Naitri, online yoga training sessions are conducted.

Ayurvedic treatment at Naitri includes the complete package of medications, nutrition diet recommendations, and yogic exercises to treat vitiligo and psoriasis to the fullest.

Why ayurvedic treatment is better than various modern treatments for vitiligo and psoriasis?

  • Usually, ayurvedic medicines not only reduce symptoms but also finds out the root cause and heals from the root level. Ayurvedic medicines do not have side effects compared to other medicines. 
  • With other medicines, the human body tends to get into a vicious circle of treatments reducing the immune system and metabolism increasing the disease.
  • With ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma therapies, chances of disease recurrence are very low.

Do not wait till the skin disease aggravates and becomes difficult to heal faster. Contact us today for any queries. We will get back in touch with you.